3d Student Ministry and Crossover
by: Allie Nichols

11694132_10100491693355081_5574691632830157109_nCrossover is a weekend where we welcome the new freshman. It is a weekend to get to know them and make them feel welcomed. This year the theme at crossover was “belong.” I realized that it is very easy to feel like you don’t belong. There is always going to be something that you don’t like about yourself, or think that people don’t like about you. But those are all lies. One night at crossover we wrote down one thing we thought bad of ourselves. Then we covered the negative and 11863226_10100494011803891_4595679600220786401_nlies up with truths.   I’ve never really thought about belonging or feeling like I belonged when it comes to our church setting until Crossover weekend. Before, I’ve felt myself straying away from the youth group as a whole, and just staying with close friends. I felt like I BELONGED better with them, which is not always true.

The weekend of crossover I realized a few things, the main thing I came to believe is: realization is necessary for change and vulnerability is necessary for strength. Let go of your load and be who you want to be. Over the weekend I saw a change in our whole youth group. One night we all got blessed by the seniors and basically got re-accepted in the youth group.  After that night I have never felt like I belonged in the youth group more than I do now. Highland should be and is a place where everyone belongs because all are welcome here.