3d Students serve on the Houston Impact Mission Trip by: Clark Sullivan

11703389_10100475708773311_627242924373892869_nOne of the highlights of my past three summers has been the Impact Mission Trip to Houston with the 6th-8th grade boys. We visited a homeless park in downtown Houston, worked at the food bank and Impact Distribution Center, visited the residents at Liberty Island, and played with the children in a local apartment complex. Each of these activities taught me something new about loving God and the people around me.

Visiting with the people who are homeless has helped me to realize that hurting is real, and this mission trip has shown me ways to counteract that hurt. It feels so good to be able to give them something that they need – even if it’s just a new pair of socks or a toothbrush. It is humbling to listen to their stories and pray for them. It makes me feel like I am a part of something that is changing the world. And it is. These small acts of kindness make a difference in these peoples’ lives.

The Impact trip has helped me to realize the value of work, and the balance of work and fun is an important thing to have in our everyday lives. Impact builds relationships with the people you are working with. The funny things, the really cool things, the sad things, all of these help build strong bridges between you and your peers.

11173371_10100475711787271_606941673428632348_nI’m so thankful for my¬†experiences on this mission trip. It’s given me a chance to see people in a new and meaningful way and to experience what it means to partner with God as he restores the world.