Restoring Highland – A Discipleship Vision

Introduction In the Christian tradition, “discipleship” can mean different things. Greg Ogden helps provide a sense of what discipleship should be by describing a disciple.  He wrote: “Being a Christian is a statement about what Christ has done for me; being a disciple is a statement about what I’m doing for Christ.” For the purposes […]

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Lent 2016 – Prayers for Peace – Jen Rogers

During the days of Lent, Christians are reminded of two things. First, we come from dust and we will return to dust. Our time on earth is limited. During this season, we face our mortality. Yet, Lent also reminds us that we are made in the image of God. The Christian journey calls us to […]


Art Therapy A Respite For Children In War Torn Syria

FROM THE IOCC: Derran, Wow and wow again! Thank you so much for what you and your congregation did to help Syrian refugees! The $11,000 gift we just processed will do miracles in their lives more than you will ever know.  Thank you for your trust of IOCC to deliver your love of Christ to them. Please […]


Your Refugee Relief Contributions

This past Sunday was a blessed time as we joined churches around the nation in showing our love for the millions of refugees in Syria and surrounding areas. I am so thankful for the hearts of this church who care deeply for those suffering in the midst of the Syrian crisis. Also, I am extremely […]


Peacemaking in the Muslim World
by Derran Reese

It was one of those moments I thought to myself, “Is this really my life?” Hawa, one of our good friends in Phayao, Thailand, had asked our family to come over for dinner and prepared an amazing meal. Joining us that evening was her father. In fact, it was his home, and he was the […]

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Housing Abilene’s Homeless

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless and see that they get justice.” (Proverbs 31:8-9) These ancient words are part of the guiding force behind our Restoration vision of eliminating chronic homelessness in the city of Abilene. It’s a […]


Highland in Southeast Asia
A Talk with Derran Reese and Ryan Binkley

We believe there are great things ahead for Highland as we join God in restoring the world by combatting trafficking in Southeast Asia. The team at Highland overseeing this vision initiative will be praying about and investigating missionaries and organizations with whom we can potentially partner. We anticipate many opportunities for Highland members to join […]


Highland University Ministry by: Bailey Cate

When I came to Abilene my freshman year I was excited about many things. I was excited for a fresh start, a new space, something to try on my own. I grew up a preacher’s kid in a small church in Fremont, Nebraska. Many of you know being in the preacher’s family is not all […]


Refugees in Abilene

Recent photos and stories of Syrian refugees have opened our eyes, broken our hearts, and stirred our collective conscience. Scripture reminds us that as the people of God, we too were once strangers in a foreign land and that God rescued us. Because of this, we are called to love and care for the stranger […]

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Highland’s Restore the World Vision

GUIDING PRINCIPLES The Restore the World vision of Highland Church of Christ derives from this core conviction: The Creator God, through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the ongoing presence and activity of the Holy Spirit, is working to bring about the restoration of all things and is inviting the people of God to […]


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