Lent 2016 – Prayers for Peace – Jen Rogers

Posted by Matt in restoretheworld

During the days of Lent, Christians are reminded of two things. First, we come from dust and we will return to dust. Our time on earth is limited. During this season, we face our mortality. Yet, Lent also reminds us that we are made in the image of God. The Christian journey calls us to be ever transformed to be more Christ-like. During Lent, we are challenged to examine our own lives and the ways we can be conformed to the image of God as seen in Jesus.

During this season of Lent, consider joining with others at Highland and in Abilene in praying for peace and to become peacemakers in our own lives, families, communities, churches, nation, and across the world.

Click below to download a guide for Lent put together by Jen Rogers, Minister of Social Services.

Lent – peace 2016