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Everything I Know About Christmas, I Learned From Television

by: Richard Beck As a child I loved all the children’s Christmas shows. I was so addicted to these TV shows that, looking back, I can now discern that everything I know about Christmas I learned from TV. The first lesson I learned was from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. You recall the show. The […]


It’s about looking for the Divine in the most unexpected of places. Christ came in the stillness, in the darkness, on the back of a donkey ...

- Carlee Lane

Advent Present

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about the Christmas season that I’m afraid we forget too easily; there is this prelude to the Nativity scene that, despite popular belief, doesn’t actually include Black Friday, Santa Claus or untangling Christmas lights. It’s called Advent. And whereas Christmas, in its purest form, centers […]


A Pioneer Spirit

Pioneers. Abilene is the kind of place that attracted such people since 1881.   What started out as a mere mile marker on the Texas and Pacific Railroad soon blossomed into what promoters called “The Future Great City of West Texas.” This designation would not happen on its own – it would require the grit, […]

abilene city

The City of God

The story opens with a garden. But it ends in a city. That’s a curious trajectory. When the story of the Bible opens we see God create a garden—a natural paradise—in which humanity is placed and tasked with its care. And you’d think that at the end of the story we’d circle back to that […]


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